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Sofrigam, No. 1 in Europe for qualified insulated packaging solutions

Expert on all aspects of the cold chain and the European leader in the design and qualification of insulated and temperature-controlled packaging solutions, Sofrigam is an indispensable and innovative business partner for safeguarding the cold chain.

Design of insulated packaging solutions

SofrigamSofrigam designs and qualifies temperature controlled packaging solutions for the transport of fresh or frozen heat sensitive pharmaceutical products in unrefrigerated vehicles.
With a sales turnover of 20 million euros, 90% of which is generated by exports, the company is characterised by its innovative and visionary profile. Every year, Sofrigam invests 5% of its turnover in innovation. Its team of five R&D engineers specialises in the development of high added value solutions.

SofrigamFrom insulated container for pharmaceutical laboratories to insulated pouches for pharmacies, Sofrigam produces a wide range of packaging solutions to satisfy every logistical requirement of the cold chain. Composed of highly efficient materials with the minimum environmental impact, the packaging solutions are tested and qualified by the Ater Métrologie laboratory, a business partner of Sofrigam, which carries out more than 2,000 tests every year.

Tailor-made services

SofrigamIn addition to its production plant, covering an area of 10,000 square metres (250,000 boxes produced every year), Sofrigam has a storage area of 3,000 square metres for storing finished products and raw materials. Intended for just-in-time production, it enables Sofrigam to be highly responsive and to increase flexibility in order to make deliveries in record deadlines.
Sofrigam is optimising logistics and traceability with its online ordering portal 'SofriWeb' and is facilitating the management of used containers with its recovery and container recycling programme.

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